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ArtTogether: creating a cultural code of the generation

ArtTogether is a global participatory art project of monumental proportions aimed at documenting a cultural code of the modern generation through co-creation of the “Altar of Nations” installation – a space for transnational creative communication.


The “Altar of Nations” draws inspiration from the Ghent altarpiece crafted by the van Eyck brothers during the Northern Renaissance. It is the largest and most complex altar in the world, depicting heaven on Earth.

The monumental interactive installation is meant to foster new ties between countries and continents, cultures and religions, generations and social groups. Everyone on the planet has an opportunity to leave a creative message on a three-dimensional, oval-shaped egg, which will be integrated into the large-scale art piece.

Hundreds of thousands of contributions have been made at art mobs around the world: participants used oil paints to draw their messages to humanity on wooden eggs. Over 380,000 drawings were collected between 2009 and 2011 and later presented by Oksana Mas at the 54th Venice Biennale as a part of the POST-VS-PROTO-RENAISSANCE exhibit.


Starting from 2016 everyone wishing to get involved in the global creative discussion can join in by becoming co-authors, contributing to the project financially and creating a unique fragment of the “Altar of Nations” on

More than 3.5 million eggs will be combined to form a single installation 92 meters tall by 134 meters wide. An egg bearing the unique imprint of a person – a message, drawing, photo or a symbol – will become the pixel unit of this monumental work of art.

When Oksana Mas assembles all panels into a wholesome artistic image the installation will be produced in life-size, completing the creation of a symbol of peace and every person’s artistic beginning.


Following the showcase at the 57th Venice Biennale the "Altar of Nations" will be exhibited during the International Meeting "THIRST FOR PEACE: Religions and Cultures in Dialogue" held every year in Assisi, Italy. It will also be shown in Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture in 2019. After having presented the accomplished installation worldwide, it will be divided into fragments, each of them to be assembled on every continent.

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